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September 24, 2008 on 2:15 am | In Basset Hound Dog News | No Comments

br/b/ibrIm Gayle Bass, the Click Chick, and this is my daily blog of whats weird, wacky and wild on the good old world wide web. 9/10 - Cool Cell Phone Feature: Coming soon to a stolen cell phone near you - the Maverick Secure Mobile you can track your briSource: has-been - Slate/b/ibrThe Gap : While Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama offer Democrats a choice of glass ceilings, George Bush has left Republicans desperate to keep from falling through the glass floor. Making history is not an option when being made history is the party briSource: Food Recall After Cat and a target=_blank href=’’dog/a Deaths - Canadian company that produces cat and a target=_blank href=’’dog/a food is recalling over 80 brands . Some pet owners have noted that their cats and a target=_blank href=’’dog/as have been vomiting and suffered kidney failure. Ten of the pets have died, and while manufacturer Menu Foods is not briSource: bulls create havoc - Shelbyville Times-Gazette/b/ibrAlmost every day, I hear calls over the police scanner concerning pit bulls attacking other a target=_blank href=’’dog/as, biting people, or pinning people inside their homes or cars. Could it be time to ban pit bulls outright? Yes, I realize some of em are supposedly briSource:

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